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Mike Baur; How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur


All too often the journey to success is filled with tremendous challenges. While there will always be bad days where an entrepreneur makes little to no profits, they will be accompanied by good days where the same entrepreneur makes hefty. Nevertheless, with proper mentorship programs and having a role model in the industry of entrepreneurship, an individual can always make it in business. As illustrated by Mike Baur, the prominent startup guru, a business can relatively be easy. Therefore, he has taken his time, resources and wealth of knowledge to educate entrepreneurs on the best strategies to use for them to succeed in their businesses.


Background Evaluation

Mike Baur is a revered entrepreneur residing in Freiburg. Being the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, he is knowledgeable about emerging businesses and their requirements. Therefore, when it comes to entrepreneurship and how to conquer the impending challenges, Mike Baur is of the idea that every startup, no matter how good it may look, must be built on a strong foundation of clear and uniting strategies.


The Swiss Startup Factory

In 2014, Mr. Baur joined like-minded individuals to establish the Swiss Startup Factory. Alongside Oliver Walze plus Max Meister, they decided to create a reliable platform for entrepreneurs to access entrepreneurial support from the firm. Moreover, since then, the company has supported entrepreneurs throughout their quest to succeed in business. Other than that, Mike Baur is a mentor and role model to entrepreneurs. Therefore, he recently came up with a list of successful tips that they need to practice for them to succeed.


Have an Idea

According to Mike Baur, entrepreneurs must first have an idea. From there, it becomes easy to focus on the implementation. Therefore, at this point, he advises entrepreneurs to look for business ideas where there is a market gap that requires filling through supply. For instance, suppose you go to a drug store and find out that the primary supplier of a particular drug is way too expensive or unreliable, you can take advantage of the situation by supplying the same drug at an affordable price and consistently show up at work.


Implement the Idea

While you may have the idea, it requires a lot of courage and expertise to implement it. For that matter, Baur explains that entrepreneurs develop cold feet anytime they are supposed to implement an idea. However, he advises them to take the risk and delve into the business.



Over and above, Mike Baur has a particular knack for business. Therefore, he uses this passion for expressing his viable ideas to entrepreneurs and making them successful in the end.