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Mike Baur’s Investment in Startups


Mike Baur is a prominent Swiss investor. He has worked in the Swiss banking industry for over two decades. He quit the industry and in 2014, together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. He is a managing partner at the company. At Swiss Startup Factory, he is in charge of fundraising and financing rounds.


Baur has also worked in other startup companies. He was once a jury at a startup pitching competition called the START Summiteer, held at the University of St. Gallen. When the Swiss Startup Factor joined with CTI, Baur became the deputy managing director. In 2016, he played an important role in the company’s startup program, which brought together Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion.


In his LinkedIn profile, he says he is an active digital board member in various companies in Switzerland. He regularly speaks at universities, companies, and startup events. He shares his knowledge about the importance of accelerating startup ideas. He started his career at UBS as a commercial intern, worked hard and was promoted to the highest ranks of Swiss Private Bank.


Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup Factory is a company that was established with the aim of inspiring and giving startups practical information on how to do things. The company is based in Zurich and looks for emerging digital entrepreneurs. The company provides exciting opportunities every day using its strong networks in Switzerland and beyond.


Entrepreneurs attend a startup accelerator program that lasts for three months. Here, Swiss Startup Factory provides unique services, training, mentoring, advice, office space in Zurich, and investment network for entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.


Swiss Startup Factory started a website platform, Founderstories.com, to carry out interviews with starters of young and aspiring technology companies. The website was realized with the help of three other companies, namely Investiere.ch, CTI Invest, and Diplomero.


Due to their major influence on the way we behave online, Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) wants other people to know the experience of startup companies in social media, e-commerce, and online publishing. SSUF lets the people know about the founders, their motivation, and the skills that have shaped them. People can hear from inspiring entrepreneurs.


SSUF provides a platform where entrepreneurs from Switzerland and beyond share their career and inspirations. Investors are encouraged on how to deal entrepreneurial challenges. Most of those who share their experience say they have also gone through defeat.