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Nicolas Krafft: L’Oreal VP and Manager


Nicolas Krafft is the current Vice President for L’Oreal. L’Oreal is personal care product enterprise. L’Oreal and their subsidiaries have become the most well-known cosmetic brand today. L’Oreal offers products ranging from cosmetics to hair care and skincare. Hair care is a unique aspect of L’Oreal’s collection. Their haircare division was initiated at the same time as their cosmetic division. L’Oreal brand is sold in most supermarket, convenience stores and beauty supply stores. The brand has experienced major retail success over the past 30 years.

Nicolas Krafft works as the International General Manager for L’Oreal. Nicolas Krafft has served a variety of roles for the company. Some of which include marketing director and marketing manager. A marketing director is an individual who controls merchandise and analyzes the revue. As an international manager, Nicolas Krafft is responsible for managing L’Oreal’s products in over 100 countries. As a result of L’Oreal’s high volume of product distribution, it is paramount for executives to be well equipped.

L’Oreal has partnered with other enterprise in the past. The purpose behind collaboration is to merge two successful entities into one. Many of the haircare products distributed by L’Oreal have been collaborations from smaller enterprise. Cosmetics are another industry that often encourages collaborations. For example, many enterprises seek a new patented technology available through a proprietary cosmetic line.

In order to receive this new pattered technology for their cosmetic design and development, they must initiate a business deal. Negotiation is common in the industry of cosmetics and haircare development. Similar to skincare, cosmetics require ample testing in order to be marketed to the public. The ingredients listed on the product must be tested by scientists. There are many aspects to a product besides ingredients. Product packaging and marking are also important parts of any product. Product packaging can determine whether or not consumers are likely to purchase it. There is a team of product design individuals employed by L’Oreal for the purpose of producing a successful product.