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If you’ve ever watched the television drama Scandal, which follows the adventures of a Washington D.C. reputation management firm, you may have wished that you had a group of people to swoop in and fix mistakes or mistaken impressions on your behalf. And while the events of Scandal are a trifle exaggerated for entertainment purposes, these real life “fixers” certainly exist, and these days are busier than ever.

Why? As we move more and more onto the digital highway with no signs of exiting, more and more reputations are being damaged or destroyed with a few clicks on a keypad. In this last year, we’ve certainly seen the damage that can be done to political careers via the internet. And not just politicians in election cycles are affected by this. Far greater and more frequent damage of this type happens in the business world. One expert estimated that some companies are losing millions of dollars of revenue annually, because they’re utterly unaware of their poor online “word of mouth”.

It doesn’t take much to get a bad online reputation these days. Often they’re undeserved. But if one disgruntled user or a malicious mischief maker (known as “trolls”) posts negative comments online in a way that’s easy for users to find, businesses may find that rep very difficult to lose. So what do reputation managers recommend?

Constantly Monitor The Internet And Social Media Concerning Your Company And Brands

But don’t just check out the “hottest” sites of the moment. Do constant checks of a number of sites of all ages, especially ones where you know the business has been mentioned before.

Hire An Online Reputation Manager

Whether it’s in-house or contractors, these individuals like Reputation.com are experts in finding and containing problems and utilizing tools like SEOs (search engine optimization).

Don’t Just Passively Sit Online

Control your brand name and reputation by opening accounts on social media, creating blogs, and owning your own search engine page. By being aware that your business is indeed on the internet even if you actually don’t do business on line, you can protect both your company’s name and its profits.



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  • Bailee Todd November 22, 2017 at 5:08 pm

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