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Partners Of Privinvest Group Innovates For Global Progress In The Seas


Privinvest Group has always been driven towards making a difference. It’s the trademark that has started with the vision and aspiration of its founders Iskander Safa and his brother, Akron Safa. It’s quality and unequaled value mark the work that comes out of Privinvest.

Having started as a shipbuilding company in Beirut, Lebanon, Privinvest made its name as they excelled in the building of naval military vessels that have become part of a good number of nation’s navies.

One of such recently partnered centers of excellent shipbuilding is the Construction Mecaniques de Normandie, more commonly identified by its acronym CMN. This shipbuilding company has also made its name known in the construction of naval vessels and has gone to expand to building civil and research naval ships. CMN alone has built 700 highly engineered and highly valued sea vessels desired by countries, enterprises and individuals.

CMN based in Cherbourg in Northwestern France continues on Privinvest’s vision, expanding to other classifications of ships made from aluminum, steel and advanced composite materials.

Other affiliates that make up the Privinvest Group are the German Naval Yards Kiel, the Nobiskrug, and the Isherwoods from the United Kingdom.

All told, the combined years of experience of all of Privinvest Group of partner shipyards spans 68 years with 38 satisfied navies from around the world.

Today, Privinvest also engages in training support and construction logistics, the continued building of supply vessels and work boats for different specialties and the refitting, repair and overhaul of yachts and naval ships.

Other Privinvest interests include renewable energy technology and assembly, surveillance and area protection and, most particularly, technologies harnessing the forces of the ocean through Hydrokinetics, an Ocean Renewable Energy technology.

Through its ship building partners, the Privinvest Group continues to make waves in the construction of state-of-the-art ship building.