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Richard Liu Provides A Blueprint For Successfully Changing Careers


Dr. Richard Liu is a board-certified Otolaryngologist who has been successful in a number of disciplines. Born in New Hampshire, Liu followed in the footsteps of his father, also a renowned otolaryngologist. His mother was also a respected dentist in the local community.

Lui got a headstart on his medical training by shadowing parents. His early academic success led to several Ivy League college offers. Liu attended medical school at the University of Toronto. He also graduated from the Harvard School of Dentistry. After he left school, he set up practice in New Hampshire at Evergreen Dental Care.

Liu provided a full line of dental services. Over the next several years, he solidified his reputation as one of the best dentists on the East Coast. When not practicing, he served as a part-time lecturer on restorative dentistry at his alma mater Harvard University.

Over the next few years, Liu’s interests turned toward capital investing. He kept up with the latest trends which helped him get several venture capital start-ups off the ground. After a number of successful investments, Liu decided to make finance a full-time career.

Richard Liu enrolled in MIT and received a degree in business administration. Shortly thereafter, he launched Morningside Venture Capital Group. Through his collaboration with other peers, he was able to bring aboard top professionals in diverse fields.

Liu’s feats in the financial sector have been just as impressive as the medical sector. Today, his company handles over $1.7 billion in investments. His success can be attributed to his drive and personal motivation.

Individuals seeking to switch careers should take Liu’s story to heart. Not everyone can revamp their career trajectory without missing a beat. But those who are successful at it usually possess the necessary passion and take-charge attitude required to make the transition.

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