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Services Offered At Copar Star Hospital- A High-Tech Health Facility in Latin America


Copacabana has been in the news for some time now since a new D’Or unit was opened in 2016. The new unit, which has been under construction for close to two year aims at offering high-quality medical care to their clients from around the globe. The facility is located on the corner of Joseph Bloch and the Figueredo de Magalhaes streets, and it was opened in the second half of 2016.

The new facility, which is in the most modern building design features five-star amenities. The unit is fitted with the most modern high-tech medical equipment that includes operating rooms, neurosurgery rooms, hybrid rooms, robotic medicine, and telemedicine. It also has other great technological apparatus that befits a world-class medical facility. It is one of the innovative projects in the medical arena to be completed in Latin America. According to a report released by the executive director at the facility, Marcelo Pina, the contract to build the facility was awarded to one of the most reputable construction firms. The firm has several years of experience in the construction of state-of-the-art facilities. Learn more on app.dino.com.

According to Pina, the executive director of the medical facility, the aim of building this facility was not only to install it with the most modern facilities but also to ensure that the services offered at the facility meet international standards. The Copa Star was designed to operate with not only the modern technology but also with the integration of new processes and flows that are designed to offer total focus to the patients, their relatives and even the staff working at the hospital. The Hospital has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who specialize in different fields. The professionals are experts with experience and training to improve their service delivery to the clients.

According to Pina, the facility is open to customers who can pay their bills in cash. It is also open to individuals who have a premium health insurance from various health insurance providers. Pina added that they have also acquired the third floor of shopping Antiquarios, in Rua Siqueira Campos, a few yards away from the five-star facility to accommodate support staff and areas of support such as billing, maintenance, clinical engineering, and clothing among others.

About Hospital Copa Star

The health center was launched in 2015 with the primary focus of offering high-quality services that meet the international standards. The hospital provides healthcare services to individuals suffering from various sicknesses where they can either pay their bills cash or through a premium health insurance. Hospital Copa star specializes in bariatric surgery, general clinic, speech therapy, and physiotherapy. It also deals with day-hospital, nephrology, digital radiology, intensive therapy, psychology, pediatrics, and radiology. Patients who visit the facility are attended by some of the best doctors in the world with many years of training and hands-on experience of their work. Visit their profile page on facebook.com.