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Social Media Changes The Way Steve Lesnard Approaches Marketing The North Face


The North Face is one of the world’s most recognizable brands in the outdoor apparel and equipment market. Despite being one of the most famous outdoors brands in the world, The North Face executives had become concerned the brand had become stagnant with millions of customers only looking at the brand as the maker of the classic Denali fleece jacket. The Global Vice President of Marketing, Steve Lesnard has been looking for new ways of bringing the products of the brand to the masses with an eye on younger customers. The use of social media influencers has been growing throughout the retail sector as brands begin to notice how their sales can be boosted when they are worn by popular IYTube and Instagram personalities.

Steve Lesnard thought the marketing campaigns of The North Face were not focusing on the young people needed to make the brand a success in both the present and the future. Lesnard decided to look back through the history of the brand and create retro lines using designs from the past that had been identified on Instagram and other social media platforms as beloved by its users. There are many ways social media influencers and other individuals famous on social media platforms can use their followers to create a buzz around a set of products.

For Steve Lesnard, a new way of building a buzz around products was required and saw the marketing expert challenge YouTube users to step outside their comfort zone to experience the thrills of the outdoors while wearing The North Face products. The first trip taken by a handful of social media influencers was to the Arctic Circle with the influencers shocked at the trip organized by The North Face that allowed them the chance to explore a remote area of the world not generally experienced by the majority. Learn More.