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Super Lawyer Todd Levine Shares How To Stand Out


Here’s something Attorney Todd Levine totally lives by:

Be thoroughly prepared to do a hell of a job for your client.

As the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., Todd Levine specializes in the commercial real estate litigation, working with real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers. He leads by example in how to truly stand out in the crowd.

Levine’s clients seek him out because of his reputation and through constant recommendation. There’s a reason why Levine has earned the Best Lawyer Award for Real Estate Litigation by the US News and World Report last year 2018 and recognized in the Super Lawyers Business Review, the Daily Business Review and the South Florida Business Journal.

Why all the accolades? Why all the attention?

It’s Todd Levine’s work ethic.

Levine advises anyone looking for success in any field to be the go-to specialist, the resource everyone seeks out to solve other people’s problems. The better you do that, the more people will come looking for you than you looking for them.

And Attorney Levine goes about doing that starting with being very attentive to his clients. He spends time with his clients and never fails to get back to them when there’s any question or any sort of communication for him. This is how he practices his strong belief in being client-first, his first step to a thorough preparation.

Levine believes in being thoroughly prepared. And that’s having a full understanding of the facts and the evidences inside out. One important habit he practices that has becomes his well recognized strength is simplification – the ability to simplify the most complex litigation through reframing so that the judge, the jury and anybody can easily understand.

 For Attorney Todd Levine, simplification starts with outlining. It’s how he organizes his thoughts and makes sense of it all. The outline enables him to present his ideas clearly, concisely and logically, making it easier to make his point stick when he speaks.

Attorney Todd Levine sets an example on how to stand out.

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