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The career of Dr. Jennifer Walden


Dr. Jennifer is a plastic surgeon who grew up in Austin, Texas. She studied to become a surgeon at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Dr. Walden went on practicing surgery in New York City after completing her fellowship about aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.She is a single mother of twin boys who are seventeen months old. Dr. Walden had been working in New York City for seven and a half years before she decided to move back to Texas. She did this for her sons to be closer to her family. Dr. Jennifer has been in plastic surgery for eight years, and she specializes in cosmetic surgery which involves practices such as face-lifts, eyelid lifts, nose jobs and breast enlargement.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is part of the currently leading professional organization board of certified cosmetic surgeons known as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.Dr. Jennifer earns a good income which is clearly indicated by her charges, for example, an enlargement costs $7,000. Face-lifts cost roughly $10,000 and a nose job ranges from $8,000 to $9,000. In cosmetic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been successful because of various reasons mainly because she is female and most of the cosmetic surgery patients are women. Hence, the patients are more comfortable around her because they share insecurities.Women undergo cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement due to insecurities brought about by circumstances such as giving birth. The fact that there are only 12 female cosmetic surgeons in Texas contributes significantly to her success. Moreover, Dr. Jennifer also undergoes cosmetic surgery where she adds soft tissues to her laugh lines and laser to the face to tighten and resurface the skin.