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The Core Values That Set Gulf Coast Western Apart


GULF COAST WESTERNAlthough most companies say their customers are their top priority, some are better at actually putting that statement into practice than others. That said, Gulf Coast Western is more than just a highly successful Dallas oil company. Its CEO Matthew Fleeger credits its success to timeless customer-focused core values that resonate with consumers and partners alike.


Today’s consumers expect more from the companies they do business with than terrific products and services. They want to have a personal relationship with the company as well, and part of that means feeling like they’re perpetually in the know. Gulf Coast Western is famous for adopting transparent business practices that make unwavering customer trust possible. When your customers trust you, they choose you and stay loyal to you.


Even the best companies with the highest standards occasionally make mistakes or fail to meet customer expectations, and Gulf Coast Western is no exception. What makes the difference is how the company handles that situation. At Gulf Coast Western, making customers feel heard is a major priority, so mistakes are readily owned up to and swiftly addressed. “Making it right” is one of the company’s main objectives when it comes to how it deals with customers and partners, and it shows in their stellar reputation.


Gulf Coast Western was founded by Matthew Fleeger’s father back in 1970, and it remains a family-owned and family run business this day. Good, old-fashioned family values are the heartbeat of what the company is all about, so giving back to communities that need it is a major priority. Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are openly committed to supporting endeavors that make communities stronger and keep them that way. Examples include Smile Train, North Texas Food Bank, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, and many more.


The more a company focuses on the people it depends on for its livelihood, the more successful it will ultimately become. Gulf Coast Western remains an inspiring example of integrity in business to entrepreneurs everywhere.