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The Hope of Allied Wallet


Earlier this year, Allied Wallet, a global online payment processing platform, was presented with a certificate of appreciation for their philanthropic work in support of Paralyzed Veterans of America. Allied Wallet´s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja has led the company in a variety of philanthropic causes for more than a decade. They have given much to the Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross, the Eagle and Badge Foundation, ASACP, After-School All-Stars, Brent Shapiro Foundation, Action Innocence, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, From the Heart Productions, Hope for Change International, and STAR Team for the Children.

Khawaja says they most enjoy giving to those who have fought and died or been disabled for the U.S. It feels especially strongly about this since it has increasingly been so financially successful since its founding. Although other companies like it exist, more any other of these companies it is revolutionizing e-commerce by continually introducing new, innovative payment options to its platforms all over the world. Allied Wallet´s services are perfectly streamlined for both customers and merchants alike. It currently has platforms in 196 countries. 

It recently added a global option for “on-the-go-users” of its eWallet. This “on-the-go” option links a prepaid debit card to eWallet. This enables these traveling users to shop on the go without the worry of expensive exchange rates. While they have been serving online payments for over ten years, their biggest innovating has been in the past couple of years. Before this innovation, it was very common for most travelers to add up a long list of currency conversion fees during their travels. Allied´s new wallet system eliminates all of that. 

And it is quickly growing in enormous worldwide popularity. If you go in for this plan, you are given the option of using an Allied Wallet Mastercard, China UnionPay card, a Visa card, or all three. The system boasts the very best and latest security features.


Available news on Allied Wallet´s online payment services at https://www.facebook.com/alliedwallet/