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The Man Behind the Rose: Bennett Graebner


Bennett Graebner is an executive producer on numerous television shows one of them included is The Bachelor. He was born in Buffalo, NY but lives in Los Angeles California. He has a wife and two children. Bennett´s net worth is around $249,000. His TV shows have received many awards from the Teen Choice Awards to the BMI Film & TV Awards and etc. While many people know him for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette his had another show called Love at first kiss. 

The show was created to see if people could connect instantly by a single kiss. Two complete strangers locked lips and then just took it from there. And then, of course, there was The Bachelor Winter Games International Journey. In this show, single people were playing physical games and/or challenges for our pure entertainment (Rottentomatoes).

He is known for the flow of his shows. Bennett sees the importance of an authentic story being brought to life. instead of creating something to become chaos, Bennett Graebner has strong characters with real stories. This 47-year-old man has done other work behind the camera including being a grip boy, a production assistant, and a cinematographer. 

Because of that, he has the experience and the knowledge of all the work that goes on behind the camera. It also makes him a very realistic person about what can and can’t be done for the show. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be in the creative field. He went to a college for his BA in English than a university for his MFA Cinematic Arts. After graduating he did original projects with other film students. Bennett Graebner still participates in the USC’s Alumni network so that he can get back to the community that helped start his career. 

More information about Graebner´s productions at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0333630/bio