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The Portfolio Manager At The Helm Of Capital Group


Timothy Armour is an accomplished executive and investment banker. Armour studied at Middlebury College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He started his career at the Capital Group as a member of the associate’s program. His performance at his job led to his promotion to equity investment analyst at the company. He was then promoted to a portfolio manager, a role he has maintained until today. Armour was appointed the chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee and Capital Research and Management Company after some years at the enterprise. Armour has more than three decades of experience in the financial industry today. Armour is currently Based in Los Angeles.

Armour was appointed the Chairman of the Capital Group in July of 2015. This was after the untimely demise of the chairman of the company known as Jim Rothenberg. The appointment completed a succession plan that had been set in motion some years before. Armour gave his opinion on the cause and what it would mean for markets during the market sell-off that happened in late 2015. Tim Armour attributed it to the slowing growth of China’s economy and the devaluation of the Yuan. He noted that the effects would be felt worldwide since China is a major player in the world’s GDP. He finished by stating that the correction was expected because it helped to remove excesses.

The partnership would see both parties work together to develop investment products for the Korean market. Armour says that it was difficult to conduct statistical analysis in the country because of an aging population that had to be catered.

Armour gave his opinion on the growth that markets have experienced recently in an article that appeared on the Financial Times. Armour thinks that this growth seems to be a real signal that the economy is doing well because interest rates have been falling for a long time. He warned that there would be a rise in inflation and interest rates in the future. Armour also stated that there was a possibility that there would be turbulence ahead because it was still unclear what policies the new government would enforce. He finished by mentioning that it was an inflection point for markets which was driven mainly by the decline of globalization around the world.


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    He trusted that cooperating would see the two organizations thought of results that would help the natives of the nation. The Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management gone into an association a while back. It is so important that the essaywriter understands what needs to be changed all along.

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