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Whitney Wolfe:The Dating App Queen


Today’s non-stop race to earn a living leaves many people little time to find dates. Fortunately, apps like Bumble and Tinder make it possible for people find compatible dates. To use the apps, you simply fill in your personal profile and describe the type of person you would like to date. People fitting that description that find you intriguing or attractive will leave you a message. If you think you will like them, you then arrange a date. It’s that simple.

Dating apps have been a boon for the busy modern person. These apps match people based on a number of levels of compatibility. This has led to many happy, long-lasting, productive relationships and marriages. At a time when marriages fail 50% of the time, apps like Bumble lead to successful, enduring marriages more than half the time.

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and founder of Bumble. She also co-founded the dating app Tinder. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Wolfe became involved in business at 19 while attending Southern Methodist University. A caring soul, she sold bamboo totes and gave the profits to people struggling because of the BP oil spill. She then co-founded the non-profit ‘Help Us Project’ and continued to use her bags to raise funds. Wolfe went to work with orphanages in Southeast Asia after graduating.

Wolfe left Tinder in early 2014, moved to Austin, Texas and started the dating app Bumble in December 2014. Whitney Wolfe said Bumble gives more control to women than other dating apps. By December 2015, Bumble had 15 million users and Whitney Wolfe was being included in numerous lists of women in technology.

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  • Genevieve Colin August 21, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Wolfe joined the business incubator Hatch Labs at age 22 and began working with Codify. In 2012 she co-founded Tinder and spread it on college campuses nationwide. It could mean that top essay writing service has been able to solidify the team for sure and make sure that nothing happens to all of them which might not be far from the truth.

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