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Why Gustavo Martinez Transitioned Into An Independent Consultancy Role


With over three decades of experience in the field, Gustavo Martinez is an accomplished marketing professional who has worked with a large number of well-known firms in the niche. Throughout this time, he has served as the president of both Mather and Ogilvy, a position he also held with the McCann World Group. While these positions would warrant a significant amount of awe in themselves, Martinez claims that his most prestigious role was with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, where he served as CEO for several years.


During this time, the advertising professional was involved in a large number of marketing campaigns, many of which would go on to become cultural touchstones across the world. Despite the success that he has seen with these firms, Martinez has begun transitioning into a consultancy role, which he claims offers him much more freedom and flexibility when doing his job.


While this may seem like a surprising move, independent consultancy has played a large role in the marketing industry for over a century. During this time, it has proven to have a considerable number of benefits, both for those who offer their services this way and for the firms that take advantage of them. This is something that Gustavo Martinez looks to capitalize on moving forward, with there being a few notable ways that he aims to do so.


Perhaps the most notable of these are the freedom and flexibility that independent consultancy offers, which are factors that he believes are vital for marketing professionals. This is predominantly because advertising is, by definition, a creative field, which is something that Martinez claims can often be hindered by the constraints of a typical nine-to-five office job. In these roles, the entrepreneur notes that a large number of restrictions can usually be placed on an advertising professional, which he says can often hamper their abilities.


Though Gustavo Martinez notes that marketing professionals will work toward a set goal just like any other worker, he claims that they need the freedom to undergo their creative processes to reach and surpass these goals. However, this may often not be possible in a modern workplace. As such, he suggests that operating as an independent consultant can be a much more preferable route for the majority of creative professionals, both inside and outside the marketing world.


Despite stepping aside from his role as the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, this hasn’t meant that Martinez’s work ethic has slowed down. In contrast, it seems as though the entrepreneur works as much as he did when with the firm full-time. This typically involves a 12-hour workday, with this beginning at 7 am for breakfast and a variety of preparations before getting to the office by 9 am.


Though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo Martinez is still in a leadership position and brings together a significant amount of creative talent for a variety of projects. In keeping with his philosophy about the creative process, he strives to ensure that the people who work with him have as much freedom and flexibility as possible in their roles.


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